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Staffordshire North Branch

Charity Number 225670

Cruelty Line

0300 1234 999

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Home Fundraise Rehome Safe Haven Why we do it Contact Us

We are always on the lookout for volunteers. In particular we need people to help us at our events and store collections.  

Don’t forget to visit our Shop when you are in Hanley. We now take credit cards and offer a great range of stock.

Pet Portraits Appeal Shop Microchipping Calendar

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These are beautiful portraits

For future events

Dog Saffie   and Bella   and rabbit Fly.

We also desperately need homes for our male rabbits. Click on rabbit to view.


 Telephone hours at the kennels are between 8am and 8pm

Please do do not call the kennels if you find  a stray dog/cat.

Whilst the kennels's look after our animals they are not able to deal with any calls not related to rehoming an animal. Please contact either our Office, Cruelty number or if stray dog, the dog warden. Thank you.

Rehoming Procedure

For some of our happy stories please visit our rehoming tales page.

Cruelty is not always obvious. Read Charley's story

And if your dog suffers from arthritis, one way of taking him/her out for a walk.

Arthritis help Rabbits

A Happy Tale

I just thought that you would like to know that Rowan (now Echo) and Avril (now Whiskey) have settled in well, and have taken charge of their new owners. Echo is adorable and has fallen in love with my partner, she follows him around the house and will play with anything and everything. Whiskey on the other hand is a bit of diva, but definitely my cat, and spends most of her time lazing next to me demanding strokes (on her terms only) or in one of the many comfy hiding holes around the house. The pair are utterly spoilt, loved to bits, and happy in their new home.

We had a great day on Snowdon.  Click below to read about it

Snowdon Walk

We have several new rabbits.


For cruelty please ring 0300 1234 999

We have recently had calls to our shop for cruelty. They are unable to help

You are now able to order items online from the national RSPCA shop. Every item you purchase will result in a commission payment to the Branch as well a getting some bargains you will be able to help our animals as well.


Can you give me a Home? Click me.