We are always on the lookout for volunteers. In particular we need people to help us at our events and store collections.

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Dogs  Ronnie ( now reserved) and Tyson We have a number of Staffie’s (and  Staffie Cross’s ) . They do make wonderful pets, just read about Layla or Bella to find out.


Please note that we cannot take credit cards at the kennels

Telephone hours at the kennels are between 8am and 8pm

Please do do not call the kennels if you find  a stray dog/cat.

Whilst the kennels's look after our animals they are not able to deal with any calls not related to rehoming an animal. Please contact either our Office, Cruelty number or if stray dog, the dog warden. Thank you.

Rehoming Procedure

For cruelty please ring 0300 1234 999

We have recently had calls to our shop for cruelty. They are unable to help

You are now able to order items online from the national RSPCA shop. Every item you purchase will result in a commission payment to the Branch as well a getting some bargains you will be able to help our animals as well.  RSPCA Christmas cards, 2015 diaries and calendars, as well as other RSPCA branded gift items such as RSPCA branded collars and leads are available

For some of our happy stories please visit our rehoming tales page.

Cruelty is not always obvious. Read Charley's story

And if your dog suffers from arthritis, one way of taking him/her out for a walk.

Rehoming an older dog can be rewarding. Read about Rupert by clicking here

Think that a badly behaved dog or a staffy would be a handful? Click Layla to find the joy of both or click on Bella for the fun of a Staffy

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We would like to say a massive thank you on behalf of Greedy Pigs Mcc. Your Hanley branch RSPCA shop particularly shop assistant Debbie Booth and manager who kindly donated the teddy bear (attached picture above) in support toward our motorbike club rally held 29th-31st August 2014 for our raffle in aid of the charity NABD (National Association of Bikers with a Disability) many thanks in return for your support in helping us raise awareness. As requested a mention of the RSPCA charity with the raffle prize attached was in full view and proudly presented to everyone present at the Rally.  Many kind returns Amanda Banks (member of the Greedy Pigs Mcc)     



Bella's Tale

Bella’s Tale

I had thought long and hard and decided to have another dog and I wanted if possible to give a dog a home that really needed one rather than buy a puppy, I wasn't sure if this was an option as I have a 9 year old son.

I started my search on the rspca website where I saw Bella's photos doing agility at the Rspca dog show. I had never really considered a staffie, my previous dog was a collie however she looked lovely and I showed her to my partner who agreed and we arranged to go to the kennels to see her.

When we met her she was extremely bouncy and liked to hang of the end of her lead rather than walk nicely on it, but she was such a lovely character and it was love at first sight. So we reserved her and eagerly awaited our home visit!!

We were so nervous but I don't know why Peter and Margaret visited us and they were so lovely we were immediately at ease  and felt comfortable to talk to them about how we planned to care for Bella and fit her into our family life.

Just over a week later we prepared for Bella to come home, she was only 18 months old and had been found abandoned in a property and then spent a considerable time in kennels so we didn't expect Bella to be housetrained or know basic commands - we were expecting a challenge!

We could not of been more wrong Bella was quite the opposite. She settled right in from day one, she was surprisingly house trained, and responded really well to basic commands especially when a treat was on offer, after the initial excitement she walks on her lead without biting it and the only things she eats is her food and her toys.

Bella is just a delight we have all fallen madly in love with her and she loves us back, she especially likes men, curling up on my partners knee and licking him to death is her favourite pass time.

If you were like me and never considered owning a Staffie, please think again Bella is the most kind and loving dog I have ever had, she even loves the post man and every person and dog she comes across whilst out on our walks. She is truly the most loving dog and has really fulfilled our lives.

Thank you Rspca without u we wouldn't have our perfect pooch Bella xx

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