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Please note that we cannot take credit cards at the kennels

Telephone hours at the kennels are between 8am and 8pm

Please do do not call the kennels if you find  a stray dog/cat.

Whilst the kennels's look after our animals they are not able to deal with any calls not related to rehoming an animal. Please contact either our Office, Cruelty number or if stray dog, the dog warden. Thank you.

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For cruelty please ring 0300 1234 999

We have recently had calls to our shop for cruelty. They are unable to help

You are now able to order items online from the national RSPCA shop. Every item you purchase will result in a commission payment to the Branch as well a getting some bargains you will be able to help our animals as well.  RSPCA Christmas cards, 2015 diaries and calendars, as well as other RSPCA branded gift items such as RSPCA branded collars and leads are available

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Thought we would update you on how Benny and Tigger have settled in. Well both are doing fine Tigger has been outside a couple of times this week but rarely moves out of the garden as he is still finding his feet with it being such a large area to cover. Both of them have a couple of crazy times during the day then its back to sleep it off.

Night time they are very good, Benny prefers to sleep in the conservatory and Tigger prefers above all places, the windowsill in the kitchen between the curtain and the glass.  With regards Benny sleeping and spending a lot of time in the conservatory, it appears he associates this with the enclosure he had at the cattery and possibly prior to this, the shed he lived in previously.  Maybe this is the place where he can retreat to and where he feels safe with the walls being closer than that of a normal lounge. He does sometimes sleep on the chair in the lounge and and the rug in front of the fireplace during the daytime but on many occasions, he can be found in the conservatory.  They both have very cosy cat beds which were purchased at the time we picked them up from the cattery but are still awaiting use.

Benny has progressed remarkably, he is now at the stage where he takes treats direct from our hands and last Sunday afternoon he started to rub himself against my partners leg.  But stroking at the moment is strictly a no no and we are biding our time until he makes the effort and shows this is what he wants. We knew it would be a long process to socialise Benny but please rest assured he is coming along very well and we are suprised at how quickly he is changing into the perfect pet. Given his background, we always thought he deserves a chance in life and now he has it and we are pleased with the progress to date.

We are keeping Benny inside for a few more weeks to give him a chance to get used to us moving around the house.  Tigger however goes out in the garden but he does not venture far, only at the rear of the garden and he likes being with me when I am in my vegetable plot.  We will keep you informed of Benny's progress in particular and send some more photos of them in a few weeks time.  By the way they both still like their daily treats and Benny is still taking these from the hand.

Tilly at the kennels

We had a great day on Snowdon.  Click below to read about it

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Cruelty is not always obvious. Read Charley's story

And if your dog suffers from arthritis, one way of taking him/her out for a walk.

Snowdon Walk

Hi there!! Just wanted to give you an update on Bruno!!! He has now been with us for 2 weeks and is settling in nicely. He's a little head strong at times but we are working on that!! He has settled in with our 2 dogs but still chases the cats!!  (working on that one) He still has issues over his food, we are trying to get him to feed twice a day but he still insists of eating a little here and there. We only leave his food down for 10 minutes and then take it away from him. Seems to be working as he then eats more the next time. His back legs are healing nicely, so no issues there. He really is a lovely dog and we feel extremely lucky to have him in our home!!  Bye for now,

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Our dog show was a great success.

Dog Show

We would like to say a massive thank you on behalf of Greedy Pigs Mcc. Your Hanley branch RSPCA shop particularly shop assistant Debbie Booth and manager who kindly donated the teddy bear (attached picture above) in support toward our motorbike club rally held 29th-31st August 2014 for our raffle in aid of the charity NABD (National Association of Bikers with a Disability) many thanks in return for your support in helping us raise awareness. As requested a mention of the RSPCA charity with the raffle prize attached was in full view and proudly presented to everyone present at the Rally.  Many kind returns Amanda Banks (member of the Greedy Pigs Mcc)     

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